Gavin Heron

Seminar: Carbon Positive Landscaping

With 40%-60% of the built environment designed and managed by landscaping professionals, the industry is in a position to make a massive impact on water quality, soil health and biodiversity.  The industry needs to focus on a holistic ecologist approach to designing and managing landscapes and the environment.  While there are a few tools in the landscapers tool box, none have as much positive impact as recycling organic waste back to soil. 

 At it’s simplest level, composting reduces waste going to landfills and thus contributes to the reduction of methane emissions.  But more important is the reality that without healthy soil our ecological systems are threatened.  Composting can take many forms and utilise many technologies including windrows, in-vessel composting and vermicomposting (often all of these are part of an integrated system).

Life & Earth has developed tools and techniques to enable the on-site composting of all organic waste including food and garden waste.   Additionally the company has developed biochar retort systems as part of a total system to enable soil to become essential to a rich environment and the fight against climate change.

About Gavin Heron:

Gavin co-founded, with his wife Karen, Life & Earth in 2010. Previously to starting Life & Earth Gavin and Karen worked and lived in London, Hong Kong and Shanghai. Gavin and Karen are dedicated environmentalists and, obviously, passionate composters. Gavin and Karen are committed to “enriching earth” by developing technologies to recycling food waste nutrients and other organics back to soil.