Mark Saint Pôl

Seminar: Designing for urban ecologies: the power of plants in design

How designers should recognize the power of natural vegetation in urbanized environments; its ability to create a pivotal change in the health of our urban ecosystems, as well as its potential in solving social and health issues of the modern society. 

About Mark Saint Pôl

PrLArch # 20201 (SACLAP), MLArch (UCT), BTech Env Man (CPUT), NDip Hort (DIT)

Mark has 16 years of experience in Horticulture, Environmental Management and Landscape Architecture, having studied, trained and worked in South Africa, the United Kingdom and Australia.

He graduated from UCT’s Master of Landscape Architecture Programme with distinction after having received several academic scholarship awards. In addition, he earned the ILASA National Award for Best Thesis Project, as well as the ILASA-Cape Award for overall Academic Excellence. He has contributed to journal articles published both locally and internationally, and has also taught Construction, Plants and Design and Design Studio in the Landscape Architecture Programme at UCT.

After working within other practices on a range of significant projects, including Green Point Park, Mark co-founded Square One Landscape Architects (formerly Gibbs Saintpôl Landscape Architects) in 2011.