Jaco Jordaan Seminar: Resilient Hard Landscape Design, Specification, Detailing and Supervision.

About Jaco Jordaan: 

(Director at Planning Partners Landscape Architects & Town and Regional Planners
Registered Professional Landscape Architect (SACLAP Reg no 20107),
B.L. Arch Hons (Pret) and member of ILASA).

Jaco entered the programme of Landscape Architecture at the University of Pretoria in 1985 and graduated in 1990, he has ± 27 years experience in the field. During his university vacations he worked for the former firm of Dayson & de Villiers Landscape Architects in Johannesburg, and following graduation he joined the practice full time.  Jaco was mentored by the late Peter Dayson and Douw van der Merwe. In 1994 he relocated to Cape Town and joined The Planning Partnership, where he has practiced for the last 24 years. Jaco first became an Associate Landscape Architect in 1997, registered as a Professional in 2003, and in 2012 became a shareholder in the practice.  He is currently one of four members of the board of directors, sharing management responsibilities at Planning Partners. Jaco and Anthony Wain leads the Landscape Architecture department.

Jaco has been the Project Landscape Architect on numerous high profile projects, ranging from landscape rehabilitation projects to detail urban landscape design, including challenging hard landscape design projects.