Greg Segal Seminar: Landscape lighting, the HUMANCENTRIC way.

The current buzz in lighting is all about the Human being and his visual interaction with the world.


We are beginning to acknowledge the importance of this in the design and application of lighting design solutions in our interior and architectural environment. We are not yet applying this to the illumination of our exterior spaces and landscapes. HUMANCENTRIC LIGHTING is the concept of understanding and manipulating the spatial and temporal quality and quantity of our light sources in order to enhance our experience at work and at play. Learning and healing are also improved. A better understanding of the visual process, the science of seeing, is at play here.

A large proportion of the research money being spent by the lighting industry internationally is not only being spent on technology but in research on the biological and neuro-scientific aspects of light and a better understanding of what it is we experience when we interact with our world. It is time to apply this knowledge to the design and application of lighting in our outdoor spaces.

There is no doubt it will improve our lives.

About Greg Segal: 

Greg was born and educated in Johannesburg.  He was a founding partner and director in an Interior design firm from the 1970’s to the early 1990’s. At that stage he was responsible for lighting design in all the businesses projects. Greg’s first landscape lighting project was at the time of the introduction of the first 12 Volt lighting to be launched in S.A. in 1983.

He relocated to Cape Town in 1993 and started ’Devonport Lighting’ as a design outsource for professionals offering a full package, of lighting design and supply services.

In 1998 Greg formalised his lighting education at UCT with the late emeritus Prof Einhorn and earned a university certificate in Illumination Engineering.

He is a Fellow of The Illumination Engineering society of South Africa. (IESSA) The official lighting body in S.A. IESSA in turn is a member of the CIE. (International Commission for Illumination.)

Greg has worked on landscape and exterior lighting projects that vary from corporate to hospitality and from domestic to the Cango Caves.

Highlights include the Cango Caves and The Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel.

People that have influenced his career are Richard Kelly the first architectural lighting designer in history from the 1930’s and Kruithof and Purkinje, lighting scientists from the twentieth century that continue to impact our thinking today.

His current focus is in the field of Human Centric lighting and all that it entails.